Ghadir Electricity and Energy Investment Company as a strategy-oriented company in formulating its strategies, special attention to upstream documents such as the vision document of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the horizon of 1404, five-year development plans, resistance economy policies, strategies of the Ministry of Energy and Ghadir Investment Company. Title of parent company).
The company defines its mission as investing in the production and operation of electricity, other energy and water carriers relying on high-efficiency and new technologies, and intends in 1404 as one of the top three companies in the development of electrical industries, energy carriers. And water to be recognized in the country. To achieve this goal, it has considered the following goals:

big goals:

  • Increase financial strength and maximum profitability for shareholders
  • Capacity development of thermal power plants
  • Development of electricity generation capacity from renewable and hydropower sources
  • Development of domestic and foreign trade in energy and energy carriers
  • Promotion of intangible assets and human capital
  • Development of water production capacity

Qualitative goals:

  • Achieving maximum satisfaction of stakeholders
  • Increasing the reliability and stability of electricity and water production units
  • Development of application of environmental standards and requirements in production
  • Development of high efficiency technologies in the company's water and electricity production plans and energy carriers
  • Energy supply chain and energy carrier optimization
  • Improving the capital structure and increasing the investment capacity

Quantitative goals:

  • Acquisition of a 5% share of the country's electricity generation capacity
  • Acquisition of a 5% share of the country's renewable energy generation capacity
  • Increase the average efficiency of holding power plants to a level of at least 50%
  • Export at least 1% of the electricity generated by the holding power plants to neighboring countries
  • Sale of at least 30% of electricity generated through bilateral contracts
  • Production of 70,000 cubic meters of water per day
  • Acquisition of a 20% share of the country's gas trade